The healthcare market is an ever-changing and evolving vertical therefore, security and life safety solutions also need to evolve to match these requirements. Challenges include dealing with natural disasters, identity theft, workplace violence, child abductions, theft and shrinkage of scheduled medicines.

At FS-Systems we follow a partnership approach to understanding and addressing your unique healthcare security and safety challenges.

Some selected clients

Tygerberg Hospital; Athlone Nurses College; Netcare Limited South Africa

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Case Study

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PRODUCT: HD IP Video Surveillance Systems for new Netcare Hospitals


CLIENT: Netcare Limited South Africa


Netcare opened two new hospitals in Polokwane and Pinehaven, Krugersdorp. After thorough investigations and testing, Netcare decided on Avigilon as their preferred solution and FS-Systems as their preferred integration partner.


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The Challenge


It is of critical importance that Healthcare institutions have solid security systems in place, considering that there are large volumes of people who frequent the buildings on a daily basis. Some of the top security concerns include kidnapping of new-born babies, misuse of prescription medication and drugs, injuries or loss sustained at the hospital, as well as theft of expensive medical equipment. Furthermore, there is a need to monitor health and safety compliance measures specifically relevant to health care professionals. These are merely a fraction of the risks that Netcare personnel have to manage daily in an operation that never sleeps.



FS-Systems deployed over 200 Avigilon cameras at the two Netcare hospitals, ranging from very versatile micro domes to new 8MP box cameras, featuring Video Analytics. Video Analytics assist operators to detect vehicles or people at distances along the perimeter of the hospital parking area. They alarm operators of specified behaviour involving people and vehicles within the field of view, or within specified regions of interest.

This enables operators to detect events they would normally miss without analytics.These cameras are recording on a range of Avigilon Appliances, very suitable to this type of deployment. The Appliances are a compact, robust and cost effective solution that records and stores footage as per Netcare specifications.


FS-Systems was able to procure hardware and execute these projects successfully within very short timelines.In the process we have forged valuable partnerships with the Netcare project team who value our technical abilities and effective project management methodology. The Department of Health has conducted a full audit of the hospital, its facilities and security systems prior to issuing Netcare with their license to operate. The surveillance system installed by FS-Systems was found to satisfy DoH standards. 



Our approach to security system design, using the Avigilon System design tool removes a lot of the guess work typically associated with new security installations. During the design phase we used information that was relevant to the desired scene such as distance to target, scene with, mounting height and required pixels on target to accurately select the most appropriate camera and lens combination to satisfy Netcare specific standards.


FS-Systems are also assisting Netcare to prepare standard operating procedures to determine standards to be used at all Netcare sites to identify, mitigate and monitor known risks associated with healthcare operations. We ensured delivery of hardware to site and deployed technical teams, led by one of our Project Engineers. The installation was complete as per client specifications.                                      



 “Netcare is glad to partner with FS-Systems to install new enterprise quality security systems. We have tested the technology and found it to address all our surveillance needs with great results. We trust FS-Systems to maintain and support operators to keep the system in top shape.” 


Akesh Sahadeo – Commodity Specialist, Netcare Limited.

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