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Keeping Universities Safe

The promise to deliver a secure and effective learning environment is only possible when it is built on a foundation of safety.

Keeping Universities safe through integrated security technology that is designed to ensure student and faculty safety ranging from initial detection to final response across your campus.

How do we know who's coming to our University?

Recognize & investigate door alarms

Detect perimeter breaches

Monitor large areas in one view

Recognize and fill security gaps

How do we keep an eye on thousands of students?

Automatically track people of interest
Identify missing persons
Highlight unusual behavior
Recognize slips and falls

How do we stay connected and keep people informed?

Coordinate with local first responders
Collaborate across district
Share information across teams
Alert multiple teams simultaneously 

How do we provide eyes-on-scene from anywhere?

Aggregated information feeds 
Unify data/evidence storage
Share data with first responders 
Log incident reports

A solution that uses high-resolution cameras, leading-edge mobile communications technology, and next-generation dispatch consoles, along with self-learning video analytics and artificial intelligence to help you detect threats more accurately, analyse data more effectively, communicate more efficiently, and respond to incidents more decisively.

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Motorola Solutions has unified voice, data, video and analytics in one integrated platform to enable individuals, businesses and communities to work together in more powerful ways. By reimagining safety on Campus, Universities are able to detect, analyse, communicate & respond with:   

  • Integrated video security monitors and identifies unusual activity and potential intruders across campus. 

  • Automatic license plate recognition that analyses vehicles entering and exiting campus — detecting and reporting suspicious vehicles on university property. 

  • Building entry management which provides access control, automates lockdowns, and pushes notifications of potential entry breaches to your response team’s radios. 

  • Video analytics detect potentially suspicious activity on your property, providing real time insights into campus movements. 

  • Appearance searches quickly and seamlessly explore video footage and locate students and visitors’ physical descriptions, allowing easy identification. 

  • Unusual motion detection reveals atypical events which need investigating. 

  • Communications — including radios and LTE devices — instantly and reliably connect your security, administration, and staff. 

  • Radio alerts ensure key personnel are informed of critical alerts. 

  • Mass notification enables you to send critical information to faculty, staff and students, quickly and easily, keeping the community aware of campus activity. 

  • Connectivity — both on and off campus — is an important part of creating a safe and collaborative educational environment where you and your team are always aware.

  • Emergency connectivity ensures instant access to local law enforcement agencies for immediate notification and effective engagement of emergency response teams. 

  • Mission-critical devices provide interoperability and seamless communications when you need it most. 

  • Real-time intelligence shares alerts and live video feeds with campus personnel and public safety, enabling a coordinated and informed response and providing eyes on the scene for your staff and local responders. 

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