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Fire Protection &
Life Safety
FS Systems has extensive experience in integrated electronic life safety platforms for commercial and industrial applications. These include: Fire Detection & Evacuation, Fire Fighting, Emergency Voice Systems, Gas Suppression Systems and Emergency Lighting. The company delivers turn-key safety solutions for the protection of people, property and electronic data.
Fire Detection & Evacuation
Early warning devices alert staff in the event of a fire and ensure orderly evacuation if needed. 
Fire Fighting

Minimises the spread of fire and limits the damage to affected areas and risk to human life.

Gas Suppression Systems

When firefighting with water is not an option, the gas suppression systems will make sure that your employees, assets and data are safe.

Emergency Lighting

Guide your employees to safety in the case of an emergency. 

Emergency Voice Systems

Includes: emergency voice evacuation, public address systems & nurse call in public health facilities.

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