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FS Proudly Partners with Hyfire - a Wireless Fire Protection Solution...

The newest, incredibly powerful and easy to configure EN54-25 wireless system is here! Taurus is the new Hyfire wireless fire system technology. Based on Hyfire’s consolidated experience in wireless fire protection, it is a totally new protocol, wireless network and range of high performance detection, control and alarm devices.

Taurus ensures unprecedented fire detection performance, application scale and superior reliability. The Taurus wireless platform can easily answer the needs of both small, medium

or large sites, supporting up to 128 devices on a single translator.

Intelligent signal processing across 60 communication channels coupled with the Mesh Expander Technology ensures exceptional system reliability in every environment. Taurus is energy efficient and environmentally friendly thanks to an innovative electrical design that ensures the battery management is among the best available on the market.

The Taurus technology has the ability to integrate with different protocols and control

equipment, operating also in hybrid mode.

Have any questions about wireless fire detection? Contact us here.


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