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Gallagher introduces Command Centre Web

The latest version of Gallagher’s award-winning site management software, Command Centre v8.80, now comes with a new web-based system, Command Centre Web. This new evolution compliments Command Centre and Command Centre Mobile, an app-based mobile solution.

Some of the new features introduced by Command Centre Web include:

Cardholder Management

The first component introduced in Command Centre Web focuses on cardholder management, and allows administrators to view cardholder history, view activity of cardholder, manage cards and credentials (excluding printing/encoding cards), manage cardholder access/assign access, and general personal data field (PDF) management.

This allows administrators to perform site management tasks from any internet connected device, such as tablet or mobile, without the need to use or maintain a full Command Centre workstation.

Automated Updates

Being a cloud-based solution has many benefits, one of the most significant being the ability to deliver new and enhanced features regularly and quickly. As the user interface is provided from the cloud, Gallagher is able to rapidly roll out new enhancements, features, and bug fixes to customers without always having to wait for scheduled software release cycles or requiring action from the customer.

Cybersecurity Considerations

Not only are cyber security checks and penetration testing prevalent throughout design, but several other controls also exist to ensure data security. Firstly, it is important to note that the customer’s server remains on the customer’s premises and under their control, no data is persisted in Command Centre Web itself. This means that customers can reap the benefits of a hybrid security architecture whereby their data remains secure on-premises, but they unlock the flexibility of cloud-technology. Furthermore, Command Centre Web connects back to a site’s on-premises server using the Gallagher API Gateway, allowing safe and secure access from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Additionally, log on to Command Centre Web is secured with 2-factor authentication using Gallagher Mobile Connect, minimizing the risks associated with compromised passwords and ensuring only permitted users can access the system.

Adopting cloud services and their benefits can be transformative to organisations, especially when it comes to enabling easier, flexible working. Command Centre Web does just that. Now an operator or security manager can respond to requests or troubleshoot errors from wherever they are without being physically on site or having a corporate network connected device. As long as an operator has an internet connected device, they can access Command Centre Web from wherever they are.

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