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Maintain Social Distancing through Technology

Occupancy Counting Technology

Leverage AI powered analytics to manage social distancing. Occupancy Counting Technology detects traffic in and out of your facility to detect and display the occupancy rate at any time. 

Physical Social Distancing Technology

Video analytics embedded within the H5A camera automatically calculate distance between individuals within its field of view. Facility managers can run a report of when social distancing violations occur as well as recognize high traffic zones requiring additional attention or corrective action.

Face Mask Detection Technology

Individuals not following health guidelines around the use of protective face masks can be detected using AI-enabled edge intelligence and analytics running on fixed video security cameras. This Face Mask Detection technology can be used to help determine if a person appears on camera without face mask protection and can notify security or operations through alerts in the video management software.

Issue & Manage Keys Remotely

Sera4's Keyless Access Control allows remote key management through the use of Smartphones to distribute digital keys and control keyless locks via Bluetooth (BLE), so physical keys and network connectivity are not required to access, manage, and monitor secured sites and assets. 

Use Video Analytics to Monitor Crowds and Behavior 

Avigilon's advanced video pattern detection technology is able to accurately recognize the movements of people and vehicles while ignoring motion not relevant to a scene. 

Initiate searches based on physical descriptions. This allows operators to search for a person by selecting certain specific physical descriptions, including clothing color, gender and age categorization.

See more technology solutions HERE or contact us for more information on our COVID-19 Workplace Solutions: 
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