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Here is a recap and more information on the technology we had on display at our events in 2021: 

   Avigilon - an entire video security system that’s powered by advanced AI and video analytics. Some of their latest new releases include the H5 Camera Line, Thermal Elevated Temperature Detection, a new AI Network Video recorder and Motorola’s Body-Worn Camera’s to enrich your current video surveillance. Read more about these solutions HERE.   

•    BRAND NEW! Dijital Sensor Monitoring Solution – a cloud-based platform that offers the ability to manage and monitor multiple critical assets across various locations remotely. Monitor Environmental factors such as temperature and CO2, and Motion factors such as movement, occupancy and tamper detection. Take a look at the full solution HERE

•    Emergency and Back-Up Lighting to illuminate critical entry and exit paths inside buildings and on perimeter. FireScape is an approved, monitored solution and ideal for retrofitting. Watch the video HERE

•    Gallagher Security –.flexible access control solutions to meet your security requirements, and fully integrates access control, intruder alarms, perimeter security and business policy execution. Take a look at how FS Systems and Gallagher have protected lives and assets on Campus HERE.  

•    Keyless Enterprise Access Solution - Sera4. FS Group is the master distributor of this product in Africa and we are always open to Proof of Concept opportunities. Sera4 is a keyless access control solution ideal for remote site where access is required. This year, we also showcased a Keyless Manhole solution. Read more about Sera4 HERE

•    Sunna Solar Lighting with connected Cloud-Based Camera - smart, connected solar lighting which is a robust and stand-alone solution, particularly suitable for cycle and pedestrian lanes, roads, car parks, industrial areas and public squares. This solution featured a cloud based camera which was powered by the light, perfect for monitoring remote areas without any extensive infrastructure. Watch the video HERE

•    TOA Electronics – a top manufacturer of sound equipment, Public Address systems and integrated Voice Evacuation systems. Take a look at one of our major projects completed together with TOA South Africa, at the Airports Company South Africa HERE.  

•    Turnstar – offer an extensive range of secure physical access control solutions including turnstiles, vehicle barriers (boomgates), man-trap cubicles, revolving doors, speed gates, high security spike barriers and anti-terror rising bollards & road blockers. Watch an overview of Turnstar’s solutions HERE.  

•    Wizzpass – a visitor and workforce management solution that provides smart Workplace Access for visitors, deliveries and staff. We used this for event check in and COVID-19 screening. As an easily customisable system, Wizzpass also includes parking reservation management, safety induction and emergency evacuation. Watch the video HERE.
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