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Enhancing Campus Safety and Sustainability: FS's Impactful Presence at HEFMA 2023

The annual Higher Education Facilities Management Association (HEFMA) conference held at the University of Free-State was a significant event for the higher education facilities management community. This year, our participation was all about celebrating and empowering higher education campuses. We joined forces with our esteemed partners – Avigilon, Gallagher Security, and Technoswitch.

Our passion at FS lies in protecting lives and assets on campuses. HEFMA 2023 was our platform to showcase the latest innovations in security infrastructure, specifically designed to meet the unique challenges faced by campuses in maintaining a safe and sustainable environment for students, faculty, and staff.

Partnerships that Elevate Security and Efficiency

  • Avigilon: We highlighted state-of-the-art video surveillance and cutting-edge camera analytics solutions from Avigilon, providing institutions with powerful tools to enhance campus safety.

  • Gallagher Security: Access control and visitor management solutions from Gallagher Security were also featured, demonstrating the capacity to maintain security while ensuring ease of access for authorized personnel.

  • Technoswitch: The fire protection solutions showcased by Technoswitch provided a holistic approach to campus safety, protecting not only against security breaches but also fire hazards.

Dorian Dennis: Advocating for Adequate Fire Protection Systems

During the conference, Dorian Dennis, our Sales & Accounts Director, delivered an informative presentation on the importance of adequate fire protection systems. His expertise and insights shed light on the critical role that advanced fire protection solutions play in ensuring the safety of campus facilities.

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