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Have Control of who enters your site with Gallagher Visitor Management System

Gallagher Visitor Management provides a targeted user interface for a client managing visitors onto and off-site, including updating visitor details, capturing photos and printing visitor labels, assigning escorts, a card and visitor access. The client supports manual or automated email/SMS notifications to hosts of visitor arrival or visitors who are overdue to leave.

Visitor Management is an optional licensed feature of Gallagher Command Centre, delivering extensive pre-registration and reception-based visitor management functions. Visitor self-registration capability is available using the touch-screen enabled Visitor Management Self-Registration Kiosk.

Additional features include:

  • Pre-registration of visits with automatic re-use of visitor details recorded on a prior visit.

  • Support for multiple visitors on a single visit to reduce repetition of data entry.

  • Flexible configuration of visitor details, based on visitor type.

  • Bulk selection and processing of visitors, for example, to pre-print visitor labels at the start of the day or to check on-site a bus load of visitors arriving together.

  • Enrolment of visitor fingerprints for site access and visitor identification, and more!

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