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Avigilon Introduces Their Smallest Camera Yet...

Motorola Solutions launched the Avigilon H5A Modular camera, which is the smallest camera they've ever had.

This analytics-enabled and flexible camera is purpose-built for areas with limited space or that require a discreet and unobtrusive monitoring solution, making it ideal for retail checkout counters, entrances, casino gaming tables, and more. Its modular design offers you the ability to mix and match different resolutions and/or form factors to suit your site’s coverage needs.

The H5A camera’s lightweight and distributed design allows it to be installed in almost any indoor or outdoor environment. This solution provides high-resolution images up to 5 MP. Wide Dynamic Range helps ensure clear image details in areas with strong backlight.

You can respond faster to critical events with the built-in Next-Generation Video Analytics for enhanced object detection and classification, along with Unusual Activity Detection to flag atypical events. It also makes it possible to quickly identify people of interest with the support for Facial Recognition and locate a person or vehicle across a site with Appearance Search support.

The H5A Modular Camera also has detachable cables with multiple length options available to help reduce installation times and enable flexible positioning of the camera’s imager modules for ideal scene coverage.

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