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CAMPROSA 2016 Reflections

Zimbali Lodge played host to the CAMPROSA 2016 conference. Delegates from all South African universities and representatives from universities from the UK and North America attended this year’s conference.

The key points of discussion were INSOURCING/OUTSOURCING of staff: Is it viable and sustainable. Based on the outcome of the discussions INSOURCING has had a negative impact on universities who have insourced. The major topic at the conference was however around the FEES MUST FALL campaign. The panel who lead this discussion were Prof. Adam Habib (Vice Chancellor Wits), Prof. Francis Petersen (Deputy Vice Chancellor UCT) and Prof Chris De Beer (Vice Chancellor SMU). The panel predicted that an increase of fees was inevitable and it would lead to future strikes.

The panel felt that by using technology such as CCTV, it would enable universities to identify perpetrators of acts of violence during strike action. Prof. Habib indicated that strikes would have a negative effect on the learning calendar. CCTV surveillance technology, for example video analytics, can help universities controlling strikes but is can also reduce security staff on the ground.

Our sponsorship of the striking green FS-Systems jackets were well received by the delegates. CAMPROSA once again have given us access to key personnel controlling security, health and safety at universities.

Representing FS Systems Pty Ltd at CAMPROSA were Cecil Meyer, Mario Lopez and Cecil Du Plessis.


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