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CAMPROSA 2018 Conference Highlights

The CAMPROSA International Conference 2018 was held at Spier Wine Farm in Stellenbosch, Cape Town. The theme of the conference was “Surviving the New Norm” within campus security.

This is the 10th year that FS-Systems has attended the CAMPROSA Conference and with over 14 years’ experience in providing maintenance and new technologies to leading universities in South Africa, we are proud to be associated with CAMPROSA.

This year’s panelists included representatives from the Department of Higher Education for Universities, South African Police Service, Universities South Africa (USAf) and the University of Stellenbosch. There were also guest speakers from the UK, including Trevor Jones, the Chair of AUCSO who opened the conference and Adrian Dennehy, Security Manager at Cardiff Metropolitan University who spoke about Counter Terrorism Awareness.

Professor Ahmed Bawa, the CEO of Universities South Africa described the ‘New Norm’ as the challenge of building trust, a need for increased engagement with students and management on campuses, ensuring campus protection and not only dealing with violence when it happens. Professor W.C De Villiers from the University of Stellenbosch discussed his 12 lessons learnt in campus security which included being proactive instead of reactive and the importance of close interaction with security management. Professor Gerard Labuschagne gave insight into threat assessment and management in tertiary institutions.

A common thread in discussion throughout the conference was the use of technology being critical in staying ahead of security on campus.

Ken and Nathan Annandale facilitated a Fire Walk Experience, and delegates who were brave enough to participate were taught how to walk over hot coals with the help of a team mate.

CAMPROSA has been in existence for 24yrs as professional body, representing 24 of the 26 major institutions of higher learning in Southern Africa. They currently have a membership of 60 members comprising of 24 South African Universities and 4 from neighbouring countries.

Take a look at the official 2018 CAMPROSA Conference highlights video, powered by FS-Systems.


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