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Camprosa Conference 2017

The key focus this year related to student protest, the police enforcement, and what power police have in the event of such protest. The damage to property during the protest has placed the insurance companies under tremendous strain.

Claims in excess of millions of rand have been processed. Keeping track of perpetrators of violent protest and their movement onto campus is a challenge. Multimedia is used to fabricate protest on a large scale. Multimedia is also used as a tool for intimidation. Technology will be used in future to track these culprits via their cell phones or by using CCTV solution of facial recognition to identify their movement.

The protests have also spilled over into the in-sourcing saga, where contract staff and their unions are trying to force universities to create permanent positions for the contract staff. There are a number of cases pending but no one has been imprisoned yet. University security personnel across South Africa realizes that they all have the same challenges and have learnt that they will need to share information in order to keep ahead of the next wave of protest action. FS Systems has a huge role to play to help security personnel and police have the best technology solution to monitor and control protest both day and night. FS Systems are proud to be associated with CAMPROSA, an organization trying to make a difference in difficult times.


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