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FS Systems new partnership with ABLOY

FS-Systems has the pleasure to announce that we have added Abloy, the global leader in door opening solutions, to our product portfolio.

Abloy solutions provide accountability and control for an organization’s facility keys, fleets and equipment.

Main Benefits of the product lines are to:

  • Reduce risk of lost or misplaced keys that could result in misuse and a costly facility re-key

  • Increase operational efficiency and reduce downtime by ensuring keys, vehicles and equipment are always returned on-time and available for the next user

  • Reduce maintenance costs to facilities, fleets and equipment

  • Increase Health and Safety and maintain compliance with company policies and procedure

More detailed product information Traka iFob:

  • IP67 Rated (Water and Dust Proof)

  • -40F to +185F operating temp

  • Robust nickel plated brass tube

  • Zero Maintenance required

  • Guaranteed unique electronic ID

  • Read/Write – can store a profile and event data on the iFob Modular LED Receptor Strips

• 10 iFob positions per receptor strip (standard) • Each iFob is locked in and allows access to only authorised users • Tri-colour LED’s identify which keys the user may take • Buttons adjacent to iFob allow for fast key release • Allows for key cabinet capacity to be easily expanded. • Non-locking strips available for audit only applications • Double density(20 iFobs) available for special applications • Allows for key cabinet capacity to be expanded easily

Key Cabinet Types: • M-Series: 10 – 20 Keys in one cabinet • S-Series: 10 – 60 Keys in one cabinet

• L-Series: 10 – 180 Keys in one cabinet

• Extensions cabinets can be added to manage up to 720 iFobs from a single control pod

Reader Options:

  • HID Prox (125Khz), HID iClass, HID SE (13.56MHz)

  • Any reader technology with a Weigand output upto 200 bits – including support for

  • Government FIPS 201

  • Biometric support (Traka Sagem Fingerprint, Bioscrypt, IRIS, Handkey and many more…)

  • Magstripe and Barcode interfaces also available

Cabinet Features:

• Certifications: UL Approved

• Door Type: Clear (polycarbonate) or steel

• Power Supply: Standard 220VAC

• Battery Backup: 24Hr Battery Backup provided

• Communication: Ethernet, WiFi or 4G

• Alarm Interface: 3 – 13 dry contact alarm outputs

• Reader Interface: Wiegand, ABA Track II, Barcode, Serial

TRAKA Web allows Traka Touch systems to be managed from any platform that can run a browser.

This Provides simple administration, quick links to actions and easy access to summary reports and events. Plus it adopts the highest security standards for data encryption.

The system can be setup to send notifications to a manager in the event of the following issues:

• Battery Low

• Key Overdue

• Door Left Open

• Sensitive Key Taken

• Fault Logged

• Key returned by different user

There is also a locker solution supplied by Abloy which comes with added RFID functionality. It allows for the system to check if the correct item was returned. #FSSystems #ProductNews #TechnicalUpdates


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