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FS-Systems partners with the Feenix Trust to contribute towards Education

We recently had the opportunity to partner with the Feenix Trust for one of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Initiatives for 2018. Feenix is an alternative funding solution which connects individuals and businesses to South African students in order to contribute towards study fees. We selected this initiative as it is aligned with one of our strategic key verticals we service, namely "Education"; as well as believing in Education as the key pillar to a successful society.

We identified a student, Themba, who is currently studying a BSc in Electrical Engineering through Wits University. Themba developed an interest in electrical engineering at a young age and currently in his final year of study, he unfortunately did not have the financial backing in order to graduate.

What moved us was his determination to set an example and encourage his community to make education a priority.

We were able to assist Themba by contributing towards his funding in order for him to complete his degree. We look forward to a long-term partnership with Feenix and are excited to follow Themba’s journey.


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