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FS-Systems protects pre-schools and childrens' lives in under-privileged communities for Man

We partnered with Ikamva Labantu and Fire Appliance Services, to support local pre-schools in the Cape Town community for Mandela Day 2019.

Ikamva Labantu, a non-profit organisation, works with Cape Town’s township communities focusing on early childhood development, afterschool initiatives for children, and the wellbeing of older persons. Their Early Childhood Development (ECD) Programme aims to empower pre-school centres through training and mentoring, as well as assistance with preschool registration and access to government funding in the form of early learning subsidies. Through these interventions, Ikamva Labantu reaches over 16 000 children each year.

As part of our Mandela Day initiative, we donated fire equipment, including 43 fire extinguishers and 21 fire blankets, to 24 pre-schools situated in Cape Town’s township communities. Employees went out to install the fire extinguishers and fire blankets at three of the schools on Thursday the 18th of July. The fire equipment will not only improve the safety of the children in the schools but will also support the principals to obtain their registration with the Department of Social Development.

This fire equipment was purchased from Fire Appliance Services, who generously provided the products at a discounted price in order to support the initiative.

As well as the fire equipment, employees collected baby clothes, nappies, soaps and other hygiene products which they donated to the community projects supported by Ikamva Labantu. Some of the donations will be distributed to Kwakhanya Pre-school in Khayelitsha, a pre-school for 73 vulnerable children.

We look forward to following the journey of these 24 centres and partnering with Ikamva Labantu on future initiatives.

Read Ikamva Labantu's thank you letter HERE.


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