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Gallagher Command Centre v8 is here

Gallagher has announced the latest version of their world-class site management software. The Command Centre v8 introduces a range of new features and enhancements to help ensure your organization is protected from new security threats and able to take advantage of the latest technologies in an evolving security environment.

Take a look at the new Command Centre v8 here:

The following new features and enhancements have been introduced:

Site Plan Viewer

The Site Plan Viewer provides full screen, centralized site management visibility, with the benefit of increased situational awareness across both local and remote sites. Real-time display of information allows you to quickly and accurately respond to security threats, ensuring operational continuity and site safety. An improved user experience minimizes operator error and reduces risk on site, while the intuitive interface reduces operator training/induction time.

Site Plan Designer

The Site Plan Designer makes Command Centre site plans quicker to configure, easier to create and maintain, and more intuitive. The result is less training time and reduced costs.

Broadcast Notifications to Mobile Connect

Broadcast Notifications communicate important information quickly and accurately to groups of cardholders. This functionality is particularly useful in emergency or lockdown situations to ensure staff, students and contractors are well informed and can take appropriate action to stay safe.

Status REST API and Overrides REST API

The Status REST API and Overrides REST API updates add to Command Centre’s integration flexibility and inter-operability with other systems by providing a set of HTTP functions to either query the status of items, or override items within Command Centre. This allows developers to integrate multiple systems with Command Centre.


A wide range of enhancements to improve the functionality of existing Command Centre features are also part of the v8 release.


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