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Gallagher Releases Command Centre v8.70

The latest version of Gallagher’s award-winning site management software, Command Centre, has been released, providing customers with enhanced efficiency and site protection.

The Command Centre v8.70 offers intelligent solutions, providing enhanced site protection and features designed to improve the operator experience. A complete revamp of the controller upgrade process addresses a pain point for sites carrying out multiple controller upgrades. The purpose-built controller update tool minimizes disruption to a site’s operation while providing greater situational awareness and visibility of the upgrade process.

New Controller Update Tool

The Command Centre v8.70 release also delivers enhancements to Command Centre’s Site Plans functionality, including:

  • Preventing muting of unacknowledged alarms - This enhancement helps ensure that no alarms are ignored.

  • Delegate Cardholder as REST Client Operator (Override Activity) - This enhancement improves the accuracy of the audit trail for override actions performed through the REST API.

  • New Intercom Viewer - Unifying intercoms into a single viewer provides a central location for managing intercom calls, improving Operator efficiency.

New Intercom Viewer
  • Site Plan enhancement - Enables easier integration with third-party systems. Allows Site Plans to be customized to ensure the Operator has the best possible view and situational awareness when using Site Plans.

Global Cardholder Profile Images
  • Global Cardholder Profile Images - Ensures a consistent image is used across Command Centre Mobile and Command Centre Web.

T30 Keypad Reader

  • T30 Keypad Reader enhancement - Allows the user to easily see the keypad and correctly input their pin, even in darkened environments.

Windows Performance Counters

  • Gallagher Windows Performance Counters - Provides real-time data-feeds that allows operators and managers to troubleshoot and make decisions based on the data.

Idemia MorphoWave Compact Reader

  • IDEMIA MorphoWave Compact Reader - Cardholders can rest assured that their biometric data is not stored anywhere aside from the card that they physically hold.

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