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Introducing the Sera4 Connected Latch

Sera4 has introduced the Connected Latch to give you the option between flexible closing and strict close procedures.

The AP3 Armored Padlock still has the convenient feature of being locked manually by pushing down the shackle. However, using the Connect Latch feature would allow you to immediately sync the locked padlock to the Teleporte Cloud in real time by instructing to do so via the mobile application.

Enabling the Connect Latch feature will instantly change the behavior of all padlocks. The padlock will only lock if the shackle is pressed down while instructed to by the mobile application. This way, the app will always record close events in real-time and will show an accurate status.

This feature was designed to give clients a choice between maximum convenience or maximum compliance.

To find out more about this feature, please contact us here.

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