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Securex South Africa 2017

The FS-Systems team was out in full force at Securex South Africa 2017 and it was great to interact with some of our key suppliers, and also evaluate some key additions and replacements to our industry leading technology solutions. It was good to see the new Sigma EXTREME in action, as we have been keenly anticipating the launch of the Sigma OMA520 replacement. The build, quality and robustness of the reader is truly industry leading . At the show the unit was actually immersed under water, and delegates took at the opportunity to hit the unit’s screen with a hammer. As part of our strategy to strengthen and build on our physical access control offering, we looked at new barriers and booms as additions to our industrial range of solutions.

At the show it was clear to see that all major manufactures moving to the "internet of everything”. We see intercoms, access control units, alarms etc. following the global technology trend of moving to the “edge”, and being fully fledged IP units. We looked at some great IP intercom and control units from Paxton and others in the space. Probably the highlight of the visit was the Avigilon roadshow that happened in parallel to the show, and was hosted at the majestic Tinswalo Waterfall Estate . The Avigilon sales and technical teams unveiled the latest in camera, recording and ANALYTIC solutions. Delegates were blown away by the road map and future possibilities of Avigilon Deep / Self Learning analytics. See a video bellow to get a glimpse of where Avigilon is going with their analytic solutions. We continue partnering and investing in industry leading technology, and are extremely excited about the value we can add to our key customers through the latest solutions we are investing.


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