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Sera4 Teleporte®, a Keyless Access Control Solution

Following the launch of our relationship with Sera4, which was unveiled in November 2018 at our Annual Client & Supplier Event in Cape Town, we are excited to bring you the Sera4 Teleporte® access control solution which provides centralized management of digital keys.

Management of remote critical infrastructure and access rights to infrastructure has significant security challenges for medium to large facilities and sites. By far one of the greatest challenges they face, are the management and tracking of keys when multiple service providers or personnel need access to the same assets.

The Keyless Access Control Solution

The Sera4 Teleporte® solution provides mobile provisioning of access rights through the use of Smartphones to distribute digital keys and control keyless locks via Bluetooth (BLE), so physical keys and network connectivity are not required to access, manage, and monitor secured sites and assets.

It provides a platform for authorizing and revoking individual user privileges in real-time with easily configurable reports and notifications. Teleporte connects with electric locks to secure enclosures and perimeters. Digital security is also built into the system from the ground up, with a unique and patented architecture that helps you secure your assets and optimize your operations. Sera4’s access control solution seamlessly connects to existing management and monitoring platforms.

Now, there will be no need to ever physically enrol or issue keys and cards, no need for onsite servers or software and no expensive network requirements or hardware. Teleporte provides you with unlimited keys and locks, and automatic access to records, all managed through the cloud with bank grade security.

This software platform includes the Teleporte Cloud Server and the Teleporte Mobile App. Sera4 also designs padlocks to secure access to site perimeters; as well as lock controllers that integrate with third party electric locks, to secure cabinets and shelters.

Teleporte Cloud Server

Manage thousands of keys efficiently and in real time from any device connected to the Internet. Access event logs, track activities, receive alerts and notifications, integrate easily with other cloud platforms, grant and revoke access in real-time to users.

Teleporte Mobile Application

The application allows users to open keyless locks. All phones with Bluetooth 4.0+ (BLE) technology work with Teleporte (iOS 7+ & Android 4.4.3). The application also allows users to report technical problems, record GPS coordinates, take photo notes and keep track of the downloaded digital keys.

Gate and Perimeter Solution

Sera4 offers a keyless padlock to control perimeter access, which is ready to be monitored and controlled from Teleporte. The padlock is easy to deploy across multiple sites, designed for outdoor use, and can work for up to 5-years without recharging or replacing its battery.

Enclosure Solution

Transforms electric locks into keyless locks to control access to shelters and cabinets. The lock controller integrates with standard electro-mechanical and electro-magnetic locks.

Site Access

Teleporte provides a system solution that can be adapted to any type of access point within the site.

Digital Security

Sera4 traces its technical roots back to BlackBerry who have placed digital security and enterprise scalability at the core of the Teleporte solution. Sera4 has built a robust system that does not rely on typical encryption methods of Bluetooth, the wireless standard used in the products.


Third-party web applications can use the Teleporte API to control the platform with full access control and audit functionalities.

FS-Systems is proud to officially support Sera4 in Africa and will be offering the solution in a full Opex Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) option, in addition to a Capex alternative, which will apply to both hardware and services.

CONTACT US today for more information or Proof of Concept installation.


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