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Simplify your site with Command Centre v8.20

The latest version of Gallagher Security’s site management software, Command Centre, has been released.

Command Centre v8.20 introduces additional features for complete car park management, locker management and enhancements to site plans. They have also introduced an impressive new Command Centre Mobile feature – Mobile Evacuation.

New and additional features include:

  • Further enhancement of Site Plans to simplify alarm management with site plan types, embedded site plans, and the ability to view and change an access zone schedule.

  • A build on to the existing Locker Management Solution, providing the ability to select which locker to open, sending automatic expiry notifications for users, and enabling operators to view allocated and unallocated lockers from a site plan or status tile.

  • Streamlined Car Park Management allowing you to guarantee parks for those who need them, and maximize occupancy.

  • And an impressive new Command Centre Mobile feature – Mobile Evacuation – which allows users to move cardholders into access zones quickly and easily from a mobile device. Read more about the Mobile Evacuation Feature here:


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