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Top Training for Best People - Quality Wall & Demo Room

Quality Installation Wall Training and development of our internal staff and approved partners is paramount to our success and as such we at FS-Systems are continually investing in tools and processes to deliver on Training our people. The quality of our installations is what sets us apart and as a company we want to build on this strength and align all our teams to the same quality installation standards. For this reason we have, with the assistance of our staff created a Quality Wall at one of our premises that showcases the various installation types, from wireways installations to product installations (i.e. panels, detectors, speakers, cameras and various other devices). This is a visual guide of our standards and the quality that needs to be produced for all our customers. Our staff and approved partners will be taken through a Quality Wall Program so that they become familiar with the FS-Standards. At the end of the program you will be expected to sign the FS commitment to quality after which you will receive your FS certification. Plans are in motion to replicate the Quality Wall in our JHB branch as well.

Demo Room In keeping to our commitment to training and development, we have invested a considerable amount of time and resources to setup Demo Rooms in our CPT and JHB offices. We have all our key product solution sets on display. This will become a multi-purpose facility with its main functions being the following:

  • Creating a secure environment for our technical personnel to learn about the products we install, and learn how to commission/program systems in-house without the stress of working in a live environment.

  • Showcasing our key products and services to our customers through live Demos.


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