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Versatility Meets High-Performance with the new Avigilon H6SL Camera Line

Flexibility combines with exceptional performance in the analytics-enabled H6SL camera series by Avigilon. This camera line is equipped with advanced Video Analytics that enable proactive detection of important events, granting you an enhanced understanding of your surroundings. These adaptable cameras are available in both bullet and dome designs, making them suitable for a wide array of indoor and outdoor settings across various sectors. By employing these cameras, you can ensure optimal safeguarding of individuals and assets.

Experience superior site monitoring with the H6SL camera series, offering high-resolution imagery powered by advanced imaging processors and state-of-the-art sensors. Capture clear and precise images even in areas with challenging lighting conditions, thanks to the cameras' robust Wide Dynamic Range capabilities. Additionally, the Adaptive IR options enable clear visibility in low-light environments, ensuring optimal surveillance performance.

React swiftly to important incidents with advanced Next-Generation Video Analytics, enabling enhanced object detection and classification, complemented by Unusual Activity Detection (UAD) to identify and flag uncommon events. The H6SL camera series provides highly efficient bandwidth management, ensuring optimal image quality across various lighting conditions while minimizing bandwidth usage to a remarkable extent.

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