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Don't Leave Employees in the Dark.

Whether it be Stage 2 or Stage 6, the reality is that South African organizations need to prepare for rolling blackouts at a moment’s notice. Now continuing for more than ten years, and still at least two years from a turnaround, load shedding seems to be here to stay.

Commercial and industrial organizations, who have an obligation to keep employees safe, need to ensure that this happens when the lights are out as well. A solution for these businesses, to make sure a crisis is avoided in the dark, is a fully compliant, extra-low voltage Emergency Lighting system with battery back-up.

Emergency Lighting provides illumination for critical entry and exits paths in the case of an emergency or loss of power. It enables people to see clearly, move quickly, and find the exits. This illumination is mandatory for sufficiently lighting escape routes, as well as preventing damage or death in such a situation. It is also essential that the correct lux levels are achieved in order to comply.

Moving away from bulkheads and central battery systems, Hochiki offers a unique, cost-effective, and fully compliant emergency lighting system. FIREscape is based around an addressable, emergency lighting control panel with battery back-up and features addressable, self-contained LED luminaires and exit signage connected via screened, extra-low voltage (40V) cabling.

Furthermore, FIREscape is a fully self-monitored and self-testing system with a central point of control, making installation and maintenance quick and easy. It is also eco-friendly and saves more than 50% energy compared to typical systems.

So, while looking for a workaround to power interruptions, businesses can at least be on the lighter side of load shedding by ensuring that everyone in their building is safe and not left entirely in the dark.

Read more HERE or contact FS-Systems for more information.


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