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Enhancing Keyless Access with Sera4 Virtual Access Pad and Cloud/Server Upgrades

Sera4 announced their latest updates to Teleporte, a

keyless access service, with updates to both cloud and server. The new Teleporte Mobile App 6.4 now includes Virtual Access Pad (VAP), making it easier to enter Failsafe Unlock codes to enter sites without a digital key. This new method is more user-friendly than our traditional method with a button.

In some cases, the button on Sera4 access points is not visible or accessible, and this is where VAP comes in. To maintain security, VAP has the same cooldown periods between successive attempts as the traditional button method.

- A padlock enclosure can make it impractical to see the light or press the button

They have also upgraded Teleporte Cloud with upgraded Locks and Sites pages. Teleporte Cloud server 3.17 has been launched and is now running for all customers. There is a defaulted to the new User Interface, which includes an overhauled Lock page, consolidating all information on a specific lock in one place.

The way Sites are managed have also been enhanced, making them easier to create, find, and manage. The Site page now consolidates a view of all locks on a site, as well as the keys currently issued to that site. It is a highly intuitive way to manage and monitor your network.

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