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FS Connect and FS Systems becomes ONE FS

01 March 2024 - FS Connect (PTY) Ltd, subsidiary of FS Systems (PTY) Ltd, announces that they have joined forces with FS Systems to become One FS.

FS Systems is excited about the opportunities that is presented for their organization. By joining forces, both inland and coastal teams will have access to additional resources and expertise, enabling them to offer an even broader range of solutions and support.

By becoming ONE FS, FS Systems is committed to delivering greater value to their clients through improved efficiency, innovation, and a renewed focus as one organisation.

"Two FS entities, one from the North and another from the South with a shared value system and complementary strengths, are embarking on a journey of unification – a process driven by a common vision. What we have come to know as ONE FS" says Thabo Wessie, now Managing Director SA.


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