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Introducing Mobile Connect - Security on the Move

Gallagher’s new Mobile Connect solution allows people to use their smart phone instead of an access card.

The security access app transforms a mobile device into an access card, using Bluetooth® wireless technology. What sets the Bluetooth® solution apart is the ability to prove with greater certainty, who’s going through the door.

Security technology evolves rapidly. To stay ahead of the game and meet changing needs, security solutions must be adaptable, intuitive and importantly, they need to be mobile.

Combining Gallagher's world-class Command Centre site management platform with the agility of mobile technology, the Gallagher solution extends security across your site and beyond the security control room.

Mobile badging, automated SMS messaging, and seamless integration between mobile control and building management systems, is just some of the functionality delivered by Gallagher’s award-winning mobile solution.

Mobile technology:

  • Mobile Connect: Gallagher’s Mobile Connect solution gives you greater certainty at every door. Harnessing Bluetooth® wireless technology and the flexibility of smart phones, Gallagher has developed an access application that connects to the secure power of Gallagher Command Centre, with the trusted authentication of FIDO (a globally recognized open-standard).

  • Command Centre Mobile: The Command Centre mobile app allows you to manage day-to-day security issues from anywhere on-site. Whether your security staff are on guard or on patrol, the app allows them to spend more time away from their desk – while still maintaining complete awareness of what’s happening on-site.

  • Mobile Reader: The Gallagher Mobile Reader extends the range of your card reading capabilities; enabling operators to verify a cardholder’s credentials, or remotely authorize a cardholder’s access to a zone.

  • SMS notifications: Ensure important information reaches your staff by broadcasting notifications from Gallagher Command Centre.

Read more about Mobile Connect here.


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