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Smart Technologies for Higher Learning - CAMPROSA Conference 2023

The curtains have closed, the booths have been dismantled, and the echoes of inspiring conversations still resonate in our minds. CAMPROSA (Campus Protection Society of South Africa) was a resounding success, and as we reflect on the remarkable experience, we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the CAMPROSA committee for making it possible.

Highlights from the conference:

🤝 Supporting a Dynamic Event: CAMPROSA was a dynamic event that brought together industry professionals, experts, and attendees from all corners of the Higher Education vertical. As proud sponsors, we were thrilled to be part of this vibrant gathering.

🌟 Showcasing Our Commitment: At our sponsorship stand, we had the chance to emphasize our commitment to the industry and showcase how our technologies can contribute to making campuses smarter. Engaging with event-goers and sharing our vision for the future was a highlight.

🎁 Networking and Connections: The event was a prime opportunity for networking and forming meaningful connections. The insightful discussions and exchanges of ideas left us feeling truly invigorated.

📈 Supporting Innovation: We were delighted to support and be a part of the innovative spirit that CAMPROSA embodied. From groundbreaking ideas to visionary solutions, this conference truly pushed the boundaries of the security for the Education industry.

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Thabo Wessie, Managing Director at FS Connect, also presented how you can best protect your people and assets on campus. All these solutions can be found in our Higher Education Brochure.

He was also part of the panel discussion where important concerns regarding security in the industry was raised and addressed.


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