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News Release: FS-Systems and Sera4: A Global Partnership bringing Keyless Access Control to

In November 2018, FS-Systems officially announced that they will be offering the Sera4 Teleporte® keyless access solution to the African market. The solution provides centralized management of digital keys through the use of Smartphones to control locks and access points over Bluetooth 4.0+ (BLE). Physical keys and network connectivity are not required to access, manage, and monitor secured sites and assets. It also provides a platform for authorizing and revoking individual user privileges in real-time with easily configurable reports and notifications.

We see Sera4 as much more than a key or an electronic access control replacement. We see Sera4 as a tool to increase asset utilization and drive massive efficiency in how remote assets and associated operational inputs are managed. We therefore see Sera4 being a fit for any organization that has a large amount of dispersed field assets. Utility providers and operators (telecom, fibre, water, power etc.), mines, higher education, alarm response, and logistics companies are some of our initial target markets” says Carlo Klopper, Managing Director of FS-Systems

FS-Systems held an official launch event in Rosebank, Johannesburg in May 2019 and a second event will be held in Cape Town in July. Attending the event is Daniel Galeano, Global Head of Customer Success and Implementation for Sera4, who will be travelling from Canada.

We are very excited about the business opportunities we see in Africa” says David Coode, CEO of Sera4, “When we choose a local partner, we look for cultural alignment with Sera4, a focus on customer service, and reach within our target markets. In choosing a pioneering partner like FS-Systems, we are more selective on the business development skills to have confidence that we are jointly investing in the right winning opportunities from the start.

FS-Systems’ market focus and customer set is well-aligned to Sera4’s access control solutions and represents a great opportunity for both partners. We appreciate FS-Systems marketing initiatives and we look forward to creating some great business together.”

Sera4, a Canadian-based technology company which was founded in 2014 have expanded their presence into Central and South America and are now officially in Africa.


FS-Systems, founded in 1971, is a leading African systems integrator providing end-to-end life safety and electronic security solutions across Sub-Sahara Africa to a diverse range of commercial and industrial customers requiring protection of their people, property and assets through cutting edge technology.


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