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4IR, IoT & Cloud Solutions

Embracing the future of technology, FS Systems is taking your solutions to a whole new level through:  Cloud Computing and Services, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, and Video Analytics. 

Cloud-Based Key Management

Connects sites to the cloud, which helps to centralize access, system management, and integrations.

IoT Cloud Monitoring

Enable a wide range of IoT devices and services to improve visibility, monitoring and analytics on your devices.

Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

This enables remote access to your systems from anywhere from a browser or mobile app.
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Managing and tracking of keys can be difficult for medium to large sites when multiple service providers or personnel need access to the same assets.

The Sera4 Teleporte® solution provides mobile provisioning of access rights through the use of Smartphones to distribute digital keys and control keyless locks via Bluetooth (BLE).


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The Dijital Sensor Monitoring Solution is a cloud-based platform that offers the ability to manage and monitor multiple critical assets across various locations remotely.

Connected with Sigfox IoT devices that offer global coverage and the lowest energy-consumption device-to-cloud, Dijital Sensor Monitoring connects your physical world with the digital universe through environmental and equipment condition monitoring sensors.


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Avigilon Alta
(formally AVA)

Ava Security offers a hybrid cloud model to increase an organization’s scalability, flexibility and security. Data can be maintained and accessed from anywhere in the world including via mobile devices.


Ava's powerful cloud-based AI video management system is equipped with integrated machine learning capabilities and identifies objects and events, sends instant alarms based on rules and detects unusual activity.



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Smart, connected solar lighting which is a robust and stand-alone solution, particularly suitable for cycle and pedestrian lanes, roads, car parks, industrial areas and public squares. It is simple and fast to install, has a 12 year battery lifespan, are available with motion sensors, can be managed remotely.


The Avigilon Cloud Services (ACS) platform enables a modern cloud-connected user experience to view live and recorded video, as well as monitor and manage the health of your systems. Connecting your Avigilon Control Center™ (ACC) sites to ACS instantly unlocks remote access to your systems from anywhere.

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