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Enterprise Access Control

FS Systems has a proven track record in providing enterprise solutions over a range of sub-systems that address the specific business risk of users within a range of vertical market segments. They offer a full integration service across all aspects of electronic security and low voltage electrical systems.

Enterprise Level Access Control
Efficiently manage multiple access points to control risk, improve business efficiency and increase profitability.
Visitor Management

An additional feature, delivering extensive pre-registration and reception-based visitor management functions.

Workforce Management
Know exactly where all cardholders are, with readers that can enable or disable cardholder actions, including access to restricted areas.
Perimeter Protection
Offers quick and reliable detection of any unauthorized entry or exit from your premises, ensuring an appropriate response.
Electromechanical & Intelligent
Locker Solutions
Manage locker access, automate allocation, and ensure the best utilization of your locker resources.
Key Management
Provides all the tools to control access to your sites, meeting rooms, filing cabinets, storage rooms, and server cabinets more efficiently.
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