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11 Years at CAMPROSA - 48 Years Protecting Lives & Assets

This year marks the 11th year that FS-Systems has attended the Campus Protection Society of Southern Africa's (CAMPROSA) Conference and on everyone's mind this year, was the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Best Practice in Higher Education.

With technology ever-changing and evolving at a rapid rate, the necessity to Protect Lives and Assets is a constant commercial and personal requirement for assurance and peace of mind; that will never change.

FS-System's Key Accounts Director, Cecil Meyer, and Strategic Key Account Manager, Alistair Witbooi, attended the conference. They presented the three ways that FS-Systems uses 4IR technology to to Protect Lives and Assets, including Sera4's Keyless Access Control solution; Avigilon's Deep-Learning Artificial Intelligence technology and FS-Systems IoT Monitoring solution for Fire and Life Safety systems.

Take a look at the conference highlight photos below:


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