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Joburg Celebrating 2023 with Clients & Partners

As the echoes of applause fade and the vibrant energy of the Joburg Client & Supplier Event still lingers in our memories, it's time to embark on a reflective journey. We invite you to join us in reliving the extraordinary moments that defined this event below.

Lucky Draw Winners Of The Night

The Grand Unveiling

The centerpiece of the evening was the grand unveiling of our latest custom built platform - Dijital Health Monitoring Service. The Dijital Health Monitoring Service monitors both IoT Sensors and Electronic Security Devices on one platform for proactive and efficient maintenance. See more here.

Interactive Showcases

Another highlight of this event was the hands-on, interactive showcases from our partners that allowed our clients to experience our technologies firsthand, and get the opportunity to speak to experts in the field. From virtual reality simulations to live demonstrations, everyone had the opportunity to engage with our innovations in a tangible and meaningful way. The positive feedback and enthusiasm from attendees was appreciated.

Our Proud Partners & Sponsors

The relationship with our partners goes beyond security, and we are grateful for the sponsors of this year's event: Avigilon - a Motorola Solutions Company, Gallagher Security, WizzPass, Sera4, Brigit Systems, TOA, Technoswitch and Turnstar Systems.

Looking Forward

The success of our Client & Supplier Event has fueled our excitement for the future. We are more inspired than ever to continue protecting people and assets through technology. In closing, we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of this event. The energy and enthusiasm shared during this gathering reinforces our belief that the best is yet to come.

Event Captures

360 Photobooth Films


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