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Life Safety and Security System Upgrade For The Zone @ Rosebank

CLIENT: The Zone @Rosebank, JHI Properties

PRODUCT: Electronic Security and Life Safety System


The Zone @ Rosebank is an integrated mixed-use development in Rosebank, Johannesburg providing retail, office and hotel space. Situated between Cradock Avenue and Oxford Road in Rosebank, The Zone @ Rosebank consists of five buildings with two levels of retail space, a hotel and a 2-storey office tower complex. It is well established as a shopping, dining and nightlife destination for a broad cross-section of people living north and south of central Joburg; including young and middle-aged urban professionals, families as well as teens. There are five levels of underground parking, which can be reached from both Oxford Road and Cradock Avenue.

In 2015 The Zone @ Rosebank embarked on a R500 million revamp project and FS-Systems was contracted to upgrade their Electronic Security and Life Safety System and install a new High Definition IP Surveillance Systems, a SANS 10139 compliant Fire Detection System as well as SANS 7240 Emergency Voice Evacuation Systems.


The Zone @ Rosebank receives thousands of visitors every year who come to enjoy the facilities and events offered by the lively establishment. Therefore the Centre Management needed to ensure that their patrons and staff were protected by the best and latest Security and Life Safety Systems. Ageing infrastructure in some areas needed to be upgraded to ensure compliance to the new Fire and Life Safety Standards and Regulations.


High Definition IP Video Surveillance:

FS-Systems proposed Avigilon as the Video Surveillance Solution. We installed more than 180 cameras, ranging from 1MP to 8MP resolution, recording on Avigilon Network Video Recorders.

Operators in the control room can monitor activities and movement of patrons and vehicles

throughout the public areas, walkways, drive ways and parking areas using Avigilon ACC5

software. We deployed cameras with on-board analytics in strategic areas. With Avigilon’s

Appearance Search Technology, individuals can be tracked using advanced video analytics as they move throughout the complex. This functionality, together with other ACC5 features, makes the system super easy to navigate and significantly faster to investigate incidents or events. Most certainly the best way to future proof your video surveillance capabilities.

Fire Detection and Emergency Evacuation:

Our project team deployed more than 600 Ziton Fire Detection and Alarm Devices throughout the buildings and 5 levels of underground parking. The building Emergency Voice Evacuation System was upgraded and now includes over 100 indoor and outdoor EN54-24 compliant speakers supplied by TOA. Our installation and selected devices comply with relevant Fire Detection and Life Safety Standards. The system has been tested and handed over to their operators in top condition. Operators in the nerve centre received training in the operation of these systems and will be able to respond effectively in the event of an emergency.

Integrated Security Management System:

Integrations have been done between the various systems to enhance the operators’ situational awareness and to improve responses to emergency situations. In certain alarm conditions, the fire panel will trigger pre-recorded voice messages to alert patrons and staff of imminent emergency situations. Alarms are displayed on graphical maps in the control room to assist first responders. Integration between the fire panel and Avigilon Surveillance system provides operators with visual confirmation of emergency situations by automatically switching camera views to affected areas.

Maintenance and Support:

The FS-Systems Maintenance Division has now taken ownership of servicing the installed

solution to ensure that it functions properly at all times.


The Centre Management understands the value in a proactive approach to support and

maintenance of critical life safety and security systems. As such they have contracted our team in a Service Level Agreement to conduct scheduled, proactive maintenance and support for the site.


“Emergency Life Safety and Security is of utmost importance to JHI Properties. Our company has

worked with FS-Systems on multiple projects in Cape Town and now here at The Zone @

Rosebank. FS-Systems delivers continuous service excellence and we rely on them to keep

electronic security systems current and working in good order.”

Mr Riu Moca, JHI Properties Facilities Manager, The Zone @ Rosebank.


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