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News Release: FS-Systems launches a cutting-edge Keyless Access Control solution

FS-Systems has selected Sera4, a technology company based in Canada, to offer their Sera4 Teleporte® Keyless Bluetooth Access Control Solution to the African market.

The Sera4 Teleporte® keyless access solution provides centralized management of digital keys through the use of Smartphones to control locks and access point over Bluetooth 4.0+ (BLE). Physical keys and network connectivity are not required to access, manage, and monitor secured sites and assets. It also provides a platform for authorizing and revoking individual user privileges in real-time with easily configurable reports and notifications. Teleporte connects with electric locks to secure enclosures and perimeters. Digital security is built into the system from the ground up, with a unique and patented architecture that helps secure assets and optimize operations. Sera4’s access control solution seamlessly connects to existing management and monitoring platforms.

There is a large scope for the Sera4 solution on sites where you have multiple service providers or internal departments needing to access the same asset or piece of equipment,” says Carlo Klopper, Managing Director of FS-Systems. “Through the mobile provisioning of the access rights there is no need to ever physically enrol or issue keys and cards. You have unlimited users and keys per controller, all software is securely cloud managed so no need for any onsite servers and further, all processing is done on the mobile device, so no expensive network requirements or hardware are needed”.

Sera4 is excited to serve African customers through FS-Systems after focusing its efforts since 2014 in the Telecom industry where the Sera4 Teleporte solution has been deployed globally by telecom operators and tower companies such as American Tower,” says David Coode, CEO Sera4. “Sera4 traces its technical roots back to BlackBerry, the same company that made it safe to send financial information and government secrets to smartphones, and Sera4 has extended that security one step further to protect critical infrastructure with keyless access control solutions.”

This solution includes the Teleporte Cloud Server, Teleporte Mobile App, keyless padlocks to secure access to site perimeters; as well as keyless lock controllers that integrate with third party electric locks, to secure cabinets and shelters.

FS-Systems is proud to be selected by Sera4 as its Value Added Reseller for distribution, integration and support across Africa and can be contacted for more information or Proof of Concept installation.

About FS-Systems

FS-Systems, founded in 1971, is a leading African systems integrator providing end-to-end life safety and electronic security solutions across Sub-Sahara Africa to a diverse range of commercial and industrial customers requiring protection of their people, property and assets through cutting edge technology.


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