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See Beyond Darkness, Smoke & Foliage with the Avigilon H5A Thermal Camera...

Are you having problems seeing you site due to poor visibility? Meet the Avigilon H5A Thermal camera by Motorola Solutions to see beyond darkness, smoke, foliage and more.

Secure sites that have poor visibility with long-range perimeter protection from the H5A Thermal camera. Detect people and vehicles in complete darkness, smoke, mist, foliage and more with the camera’s powerful heat-sensing technology. Keep people safe and prevent operational disruptions with optional radiometric capabilities to detect hot spots and overheating equipment.

Stay a step ahead with the H5A Thermal camera’s built-in Next-Generation Video Analytics for enhanced object detection and classification. Improve response times with its ability to detect people and vehicles over 1,000 feet away* to proactively alert you of potentially critical events while minimizing false alarms. *Will vary based on lens and weather conditions

Increase safety with the camera’s built-in radiometric capabilities to identify hot spots and overheating objects. Be notified in real-time when an object’s surface temperature is above or below a predefined value, or when there are abnormal temperature changes over a predefined period of time by setting up rules and alarms. Achieve round-the-clock coverage with cutting edge heat-sensing technology to detect the presence and movement of people and vehicles.

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