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Sera4 launches Work Sessions

Sera4 has announced the launch of Work Sessions, making access management and site security even more powerful. Often, teams access sites and sometimes arrive and leave at different times. There are usually several locks or access points on a site. With Work Sessions, Teleporte activity is grouped from the moment the first person arrives on-site and checks in, to the time the last person leaves. This means that once a site is open, locks can be open and closed within a work session without opening and closing the site. A different person may close the site and mark it as secure (all locks registered closed).

  • Understand how long a job takes to complete on site, and even get verified timing on specific components of a job

  • Have workers take accountability for ensuring the site is secured when leaving

  • Control who gets access based on prior behaviour

  • and more

All of this is automatic and in the background while you enjoy the benefits of going keyless with Teleporte. Contact us for more information or to unlock a Proof of Concept installation in your environment. #ProductNews


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