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The FS Group launches Dijital SMS, an IoT Monitoring Solution for Critical Assets

The FS Group has launched a new cloud-based platform, the Dijital Sensor Monitoring Solution, that offers the ability to manage and monitor multiple critical assets across various locations remotely.

The Dijital Sensor Monitoring Solution prevents damage and downtime through proactive monitoring of critical assets and provides visibility so that the state of assets is always understood.

“A challenge faced by our clients, is that the critical assets that they manage such as Fire Alarm Panels, are usually spread out geographically across multiple sites or buildings and being able to monitor and collect data from all these assets can become costly, time consuming and complicated. This challenge was exaggerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, where remote working made it difficult to know the state of critical infrastructure.

The Dijital Sensor Monitoring Solution was created to address this need, and in addition, provide clients with 24/7 visibility of their critical assets, real time alerts and the ability to track this data centrally in one cloud-based dashboard.”

The solution makes use of low energy-consumption and high network capacity Sigfox IoT devices, which are connected to the cloud platform. The applications currently include:

· Utility devices to monitor applications such as Utility Meters, Critical Equipment,

Fire Alarm & Life Safety Systems, Back-up Power and Water Leaks

· Environmental devices to monitor applications such as Temperature, Humidity

and Air Quality

· Motion devices such as Occupancy Detection, Motion Detection, Tamper

Detection, Opening and Closing

The cloud platform is multi-tenanted and features interactive geographical maps, live dashboards, reporting and device statuses.

The solution is simple and cost effective, saving both time and the cost of setting up expensive communication and electronic infrastructure to collect data.

For more information, take a look here:


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