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The New H5A Explosion-Protected Camera Line

Motorola Solutions has released a new Avigilon H5A Explosion-Protected camera line, which are certified for hazardous locations according to applicable international standards.

They are purpose-built for efficient operational monitoring and control of processes in environments that face the risk of explosions due to the presence of flammable gases or dust, including oil and gas, marine, industrial and food production sites.

The cameras feature exceptional imaging that works in conditions with poor lighting, and include next generation video analytics to offer enhanced object detection, tracking and classification.

Features include:

  • Explosion Protection

  • Automatic IR Cut Filter

  • Avigilon Appearance Search™ Support

  • Expandable Storage

  • H.264 And H.265 HDSM Smartcodec™ Technologies

  • High Temperature Range

  • High-Efficiency Video Coding

  • License Plate Recognition Compatibility

  • Lightcatcher™ Technology

  • Next-Generation Video Analytics

  • Weather Rated

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