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HD IP Video Surveillance Systems for new Hospital


By the very nature of hospitals, many patients are immobile and require the very best in security and life safety solutions to protect them from a variety of security, health, safety and operational dangers. Precious new-born babies, the frail, visitors and staff, all depend on proper defence systems for early warning and security responses. Hospitals are operational 24 / 7 / 365 and need solutions to guard people and critical assets-a security and life safety solution that never sleeps.


Our engineers understand the multiple risks hospitals are faced with and design cost effective solutions to mitigate these risks.

FS-Systems has deployed engineered surveillance solutions in the form of Avigilon HD cameras and Network Video Recorders in hospitals around the country. Cameras are selected per required scene, considering factors such as lighting conditions, scene-width, distance to target and required pixel density. Operators monitor views using Avigilon Control Centre Software, widely accepted as the industry’s most user friendly and fastest video management system.

Gallagher biometric and / or card access control systems integrate well with Avigilon video surveillance, which allow hospital security the ability to control access to restricted areas, by providing detailed, video searchable records of individuals entering these areas. Our approach provides maximum protection of store rooms, pharmaceutical storage facilities, theatre supply stores, cash handling areas, maternity wards, ICU wards, operating theatres and other high risk areas.

Our fire detection, early warning and voice evacuation systems, integrated with the latest emergency lighting solutions are designed to offer emergency responders the best opportunity to safeguard lives and assets in this very challenging and unique environment. We install professional audio systems, well suited to public waiting areas. These systems integrate with the emergency evacuation systems, providing dual purpose application of your audio system. We reduce hardware and installation costs, whilst complying with relevant life safety standards.


Healthcare facilities are faced with unique challenges and risks. FS-Systems understands these requirements and designs solutions to address them effectively. We are considered trusted partners by hospitals and healthcare facilities around South Africa. Our life safety and security solutions offer peace of mind, by protecting people and safeguarding critical lifesaving resources.


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