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Small Yet Mighty - Avigilon H6 Mini Dome Camera

The Avigilon H6 Mini Dome is a compact and powerful indoor video surveillance solution designed for high-resolution image capture, efficient bandwidth management, and ease of installation. This mini dome camera is part of Avigilon's H6 platform, which includes a range of cameras that feature advanced AI-powered video analytics, allowing for more accurate and efficient security monitoring.

The H6 Mini Dome features a wide field of view, with a maximum resolution of up to 5 MP, making it ideal for monitoring indoor spaces. The camera's advanced image processing technology ensures that even in challenging lighting conditions, the camera can capture clear, high-quality video footage.

One of the standout features of the H6 Mini Dome is its efficient bandwidth management capabilities. The camera uses H.265 video compression technology, which significantly reduces the amount of bandwidth required to transmit high-quality video footage, without compromising on image quality. This makes the H6 Mini Dome an ideal solution for organizations that need to monitor multiple cameras simultaneously, without experiencing network bandwidth issues.

In addition to its advanced imaging capabilities, the H6 Mini Dome is also designed for easy installation and maintenance. The camera is compact and lightweight, which means it can be easily mounted on ceilings or walls, and its built-in micro-SD card slot allows for local video storage, reducing the need for external storage devices.

Unboxing the Avigilon H6 Mini Dome Camera by Motorola Solutions

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