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Want to know how you can best protect your people and equipment on site? Then take a look at our detailed magazine with everything you need to know about security for your mining site.


In this magazine addition, you'll read more about solutions such as Visitor Management, Enterprise Access Control and Workforce Management, Video Surveillance, Critical Communications, Integrations & Fire and Life Safety. 

Minimize the risk that fire poses to your people and critical assets on site. We know that without being able to reliably monitor and have early warning of fire across an entire site, the possibility of containing the fire decreases and the risk of injury, damage and downtime increases.

That's why we've created solutions to help you get the earliest warning of a fire, quickly extinguish the fire, and easily evacuate your people. 

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Mining operations face a myriad of security and safety challenges. These include protecting inventory above and below ground, employee and contractor management, induction and safety checks, and emergency evacuations. FS Systems has experience in providing Workforce Management, HD IP Video Surveillance, Fire Detection and Emergency Evacuation solutions for mining operators throughout Africa and LATAM. We address some of the toughest challenges faced by mining organisations.

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